Q: I want to add multiple sizing options for customers to choose from when buying a single product. How do I do this?

A: Our "More Pricing Options" feature (located in the "Pricing" section when creating an item) is set up specifically to allow you to do this - whether it's selling an item by the pound, but also in a 5lb bag or 25 lb box (for example).

Q: When I go to take a picture of a product the camera screen is black. What do I do?

A: You probably have the Camera option disabled in your device settings for the Farmzie App. To fix this, go to your device settings, scroll down and find Farmzie. Tap on it, and make sure the button is toggled green for "On" next to "Camera". If this doesn't fix the problem, contact us.

Q: The "Label" I want to assign to the product I'm creating isn't showing up. How do I fix that?

A: Go to your Farm Profile within the App and select "Labels". Check here to make sure all the labels you might use are toggled green for "On". Only the labels you've selected here will show up as options when creating products. If the label you need isn't listed, contact us and we'll see if we can add it for you.

Q: I added a product and tapped "save", but it disappeared from my "active" category. What happened?

A: If any of the required details on a product are missing (picture, pricing, etc) it will save the information for the product but the product will show up in the "Disabled" section of your products. A product will not become active until all the required fields are filled in.

Q: How do I disable a product that I want to save the information for, but am not currently selling?

A: Simply reduce the inventory available to 0 and the product will automatically be moved to the "Disabled" section of your products. Add more inventory when you have it available and it will move to the "Active" section!