How do I price eggs?

I don't see "dozen" or "half" dozen as a pricing option.

Farmzie wants to do the math for you and allow you to sell eggs in multiple quantities, so we've come up with a clever way to price your eggs.

  1. When adding eggs, your "Unit of Measurement" should be set to "piece".
    Piece = 1 egg.
  2. "Inventory" should reflect the number of single eggs (pieces) you have.
    So if you have a dozen eggs, put 12 pieces. If you have two dozen, put 24 pieces, etc. If you go out to collect eggs one morning and get an odd number, like 5 - just increase your "pieces" by 5. This way you don't have to count out how many half dozens, dozens, or 18 packs of eggs you have available. This way if you have 13 "pieces" left, Farmzie will know not to sell a carton of 18, but only a carton of 12 or 6. Again - we do the math for you!
  3. From there go to "More Pricing Options".
  4. For Packaging, choose "Carton".
  5. For size, put how many "pieces" are in that carton.
    For a half dozen, put 6. For a dozen, put 12, etc.
  6. Tap "Add" to offer multiple packaging sizes
    Like your half dozen, dozen, 18 pack, and even instead of "Carton", you could choose "Box" and "240 pieces" for 20 dozen eggs if you wanted to sell in bulk. You can add a note in the item description saying "Bulk eggs packaged in flats" or "Bulk eggs packaged in individual cartons of 12" to specify if you like.

When you get more eggs just increase the inventory by how many eggs you're adding. Farmzie will do the math of how many cartons you have regardless of the size. Just another way we're making your life easier so you can sell more!