Did you forget your Apple App Store Password?

No problem, we'll help you reset it.

Step 1:

If you're on your device go to your device Settings. (If you're on a computer simply go to http://iforgot.apple.com and enter in your Apple ID.)

Step 2:

 Tap on iTunes & App Store


Step 3:


 Tap on the blue Apple ID link. This will generate a pop-up window with a few options.


Step 4:


Tap on iForgot.

This will take you to the website on your device to reset your password.


Step 5:

From here you'll be prompted to enter in your Apple ID (the same email address that you saw in your device settings next to Apple ID)

Forgot your Apple ID too? Just click the "Forgot Username" link underneath! You will be asked to enter in your name and email address to search for your Apple ID.


Step 6:

You can choose to either answer 3 security questions (you chose these when you first created an Apple ID) or receive an email verification in order to reset your password.

Once you've reset your password you will be required to log back in with your Apple ID and new password. You will probably have to re-enter in your new password on your Apple devices. You can edit your Apple ID information on your device by going to Settings>iTunes & App Store and clicking on your Apple ID!