Q: Can I use the App to track cash purchases and keep my inventory up to date?

A: Absolutely! Tap on Orders, add the item you wish to sell, and at checkout choose "Cash" instead of "Credit Card". Farmzie will save the order like any other for your records, and the sale will be reflected in your inventory.

Q: How will I know when I have an order?

A: Farmzie will send you a push notification on your phone just like when you get a text message. To make sure you have this feature enabled, simply go to your device Settings. Look for Farmzie in the App list, and make sure the button is toggled green for "On" to allow notifications. You can also check your orders by going into the App, tapping on "Orders" and browsing through the "Open" tab.

Q: When will the money from an order be deposited into my bank account?

A: The money will be deposited within 24 hours of scanning the customer's receipt and handing over their order.

Q: A customer messaged me because they didn't like the order they received. What should I do?

A: Use your best judgement on this one. Did the customer receive what they expected? Was the quality of produce up to par, or did you send something a little less than ideal? First, try to explain to the customer why the item was the way it was (maybe weather made the leaves a little browner, but the product is still perfectly fine); sometimes they just need a little education! If you think the request is justified, simply issue a full or partial refund and the money will be automatically returned to them (provided it was an online or credit card sale.) Keep your customers happy and they'll keep coming back!

Q: How do I refund a customer for an order?

A: Go to the "Closed" orders section of the App and find the order you need to refund. When you tap on the order you'll see an option to refund. This will automatically deposit the money from your bank account back into the customer's account.